Instructions for Fadel Educational Foundation Grant Recipients

Just because the foundation has assigned you an award, money does not appear in your account. Follow these instructions.

The award will be distributed through your institution. The award will be divided according to the number of terms in the academic year, with a payment being distributed at the beginning of each term. If your institution only evaluates you on an annual basis, notify us.

If you are receiving or will receive other grants, you must notify us. If the FEF grant will somehow reduce your grants from the other source(s), we may consider an alternate method of payment. Sometimes, it is better to use the grant money for a summer school session. Again, you need to notify us as soon as possible.  FEF requires the following information before any disbursement:

  1. A billing statement, showing both charges and credits, from your institution. See this sample.
  2. An address to which the FEF check will be mailed. Some applicants in previous years sent on-line statements showing their account. Oftentimes, these do not include instructions on where to mail a check, since they assume that payment would be made on-line.
  3. If necessary, an account or invoice number which must be written on the check to ensure that the FEF check is applied to your account with your institution.
  4. If necessary, a copy of the coupon to be included with the check. In other words, if your billing statement includes a portion which is supposed to be sent with the check, we need to have a copy so we can mail it in with our check.
  5. If your institution supports electronic payment through a login with access to your bills, FEF prefers that option to avoid mishandling of mail and checks. Typically, you log-in to your account and invite FEF to be a “payer.”
  6. If you are receiving the second or third disbursement of your award, you must send us a transcript showing your completed grades for the classes taken since the last FEF disbursement. In other words, FEF must verify that you successfully completed those classes you told FEF you intended to take. FEF reserves the right to withhold distribution of a recipient’s award if the recipient’s performance in the previous term is not satisfactory. If your grades are not final before the next term’s tuition is due, contact FEF to make appropriate arrangements. If you’ve allowed FEF to view your grades online through your institution, you can skip sending a transcript.
  7. If your institution has a form by which it can manage the disbursement of your award per the foundation’s instructions, then send that form to FEF. This may obviate you from having to send in documentation to receive your second disbursement.
  8. FEF typically mails the check to your institution 2-4 weeks after receiving this information. If you are relying on the FEF grant to avoid late fees or to avoid registration cancellations, it is most urgent that you submit all information as quickly as possible and that your contact information is accurate. The best way to contact FEF’s secretary is through e-mail. You should add the domain as a safe domain to your e-mail address book so e-mail does not get treated as spam.

When the secretary mails the check, he/she sends an e-mail to you telling you the check number and amount. Please verify the money is credited to your account. If you don’t receive this e-mail, contact the secretary to verify that he/she has received your correspondence and mailed the disbursement.

Remember that the grant is only for this year. It is not automatically renewed. If you would like to be considered for a grant next year, visit FEF’s web site in February and download a renewal application.

Last updated February 13, 2021

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