May I Send Application Materials by E-Mail?

New applicants must submit all material under a single cover by US Postal Service. Renewal applicants and awardees requesting a second disbursement may send materials by e-mail, especially transcripts.

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Caution on Expediting Transcripts and Other Documents

When you ask your institution to expedite sending a transcript, be careful that it does not send it to FEF in manner requiring a signature. #1, this forces me to stand in line at the Post Office to retrieve the mail. #2, if for some reason I don’t pick up mail for 10-12 days, then the Post Office may return the item.

In general, you never need to send things overnight or 2-day or priority. Please use 1st class mail. If I need you to send something overnight, I’ll provide you with a different address.

This is of particular concern to people who are attending institutions in other countries. Many US universities now have branch campuses abroad. See if you can get the US main branch of the university to handle sending your transcript to FEF. If you have to send it from overseas, do not send it to our post office box. Many international delivery services will not deliver to PO Boxes. Contact the Secretary for an alternate address.

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FEF Cannot Offer Feedback on Your Application

An applicant who did not receive an award wrote asking for feedback:

Would you happen to be able to offer me any suggestions as to how I can improve my application for other scholarship contests or if I decide to reapply next year? I would appreciate any constructive criticism you may have.

The FEF secretary’s response:

I’m not part of the review committee, and I did not evaluate the applications. Time does not permit me to answer your question in the manner it deserves.

Let me just say that the review process has an element of subjectivity. Other people may have reviewed the applications and determined that yours deserved an award. Sometimes the review committee sees too many of one type of academic program and prefers another.

Finally, it is FEF’s policy not to disclose the contents of recommendation letters to applicants.

One thing which I should have added in my response. Everybody who submits the application should read the Frequently Asked Questions document. There are some good tips for making a better application.