Step-by-Step Instructions to Generate a SAR Report for the FEF Application

By far the most frequent item applicants fail to submit properly is the Student Aid Report (SAR) generated from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you produce the PDF file FEF requires.

1. Go to the FAFSA Login page

Point your browser to If this URL is no longer valid, search for “FAFSA login.”

2. Choose FAFSA Form from the Quick Links section of the right sidebar.

3. Click the Log In button

4. Choose student accessing form option.

5. Click on View SAR button. You may need to scroll down some to see this.

6. Click on the Print SAR link in top right of the page.

7. Create a PDF file.

In your browser’s Print dialog box, change the printer to create an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. Save the file in a location on your device. Then attach it to an e-mail to FEF or send it via Signal. The document is between 10-14 pages. Before sending it, open it and make sure it has been printed properly.


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